Company Profile

The business fields of Dorner Consulting include the following topics:
  1. Consultation of SME in the field of finance
  2. Basel II Check and Rating
  3. Export-Consulting
  4. Coaching and Trainings for SMEs
  5. EU-projects and Cooperations of SMEs
  6. Development of Case Studies and economic Concepts

The aim of Dorner Consulting is to contribute the establishment and development of new innovative, technology-oriented companies in the new developing region, which has extension from eastern Austria to the Hungarian, Slowakian, Slowenian and Croatian neighbour countries.

The above mentioned region has an European Dimension. An essential challenge for companies working there is to get positioned in time in the context of structural changes to benefit from the structural changes or at least to keep and widen their position in the long run.

Aim of Dorner Consulting is to support and consult companies during this process. Dorner Consulting also concentrates on the support of existing companies with potential in growth and export and supports them in the fields of financing and organising their regional business activities.